Wainwrights The Final Countdown Part 6

Adrian is moonlighting as a bricklayers mate and hasn’t been out running as much as he would like. His extension is allegedly coming along nicely though. I decide to show him Styhead and a nice climb to Scafell Pike with three new Wainwrights in it. If we can get round soon enough the plan is to watch Windscale play football with the match starting at 2.30pm.

Our drive to Wasdale doesn’t go to plan. At one time there are a convoy of three tractors in front of us slowing the whole road to 20mph. Eventually they all turn into fields but it seems like every slow vehicle on the road appears in our way.

Someone looks happy to get started

Adrian has told Sandra he knows something about body boards and she sends him some photos. He complains they all look the same and I realise he knows as much as me. After three and a half hours we reach our starting point. The football match is going to happen without us as we have to complete a half marathon including Scafell Pike in under 3 hours to make it. After my last navigation mistake I’m not missing any tops this time.

Descent from Lingmell Nose to the left and climb up Scafell to the right

Styhead Pass

I love Styhead. It is one of the best lower routes in the Lake District, from Wasdale to Seathwaite. Passing under Great Gable and Great End on opposite sides of the valley is always cool. Today we are only venturing part of the way up the pass but there is plenty of variety from green pastures and idyllic streams to rough moorland and rocky outcrops.

At the bottom of Styhead Great Gable on the left and Great End on the right under the clag

As the climb increases the view back to Wasdale gets better. We overtake a few walkers with unsuitable shoes slipping and sliding on the small stones.

Looking back down towards Wasdale

The path works its way up towards the Stretcher Box and clag starts at about 600m. It isn’t a problem for our climb but could reduce visibility later in the run.

Mountain Rescue Stretcher Box at Styhead

Seathwaite Fell

Our first target today is Seathwaite Fell. It has 3 tops so I’m visiting them all to make sure. From the Stretcher Box we turn right following the path towards Esk Hause before veering off to the left. I know there must be a path here somewhere but I’m too impatient and we do some heather bashing reaching the first top near Sprinkling Tarn. It isn’t exciting but Great Slack looks more interesting.

Adrian on Great Slack

Ten minutes later Seathwaite Fell is done and the view is highly recommended. It is 30 metres lower than the other two peaks on this top but is definitely the prettiest. More people should visit on their way past to Scafell Pike. I’ve been past here on numerous occasions. I’ll be back on a sunny day for a better photograph.

Seathwaite Fell looking down to Seathwaite

Allen Crags

Allen Crags is only a short detour from the path to Scafell Pike. It about a mile from Seathwaite Fell. On the way Adrian tells me all about his school friend Alan Craggs and the adventures they had in Primary School. After a few minutes he goes quiet then starts talking again. Alan Craggs might have been Andy Craggs he isn’t sure. We hit a steeper scree covered incline and after taking a left turn it is only a few hundred metres up the hill on the left. The clag has come in and visibility is reducing. It is another Wainwright ticked off. The views might be fabulous but we can’t see them. A ridge run would take us to Glaramara but it isn’t our target for today and we turn around and come back down the hill.

Allen Crags

Scafell Pike

We follow the path back up and underneath Great End. I ask Adrian if he wants to go up but he isn’t interested. The wind has begun to pick up but it isn’t blowing the clag away. We pass Broad Crag and bounce across the boulders towards Scafell Pike. After dropping into the dip between Broad and Scafell Pike I enjoy climbing out of the other side but forget Adrian hasn’t been up this way before.

Adrian climbing to Scafell Pike

When we reach the top walkers are struggling to stand up in the wind. A quick photo later and we are on our way towards Lingmell. There isn’t much to see up here but I’m hopeful it could blow over.

Adrian on Scafell Pike with walker to the left being blown into the photo


Lingmell is the highest Wainwright still on my list and the only one above 800m left to bag. The initial path is easy to find (Adrian says just follow the walkers) and we overtake around 100 people before taking a right turn off the tourist trail. After leaving the tourists behind we see no-one and make our way through a couple of broken walls to the ridge path. We know there is a drop a few metres from the path but can’t see anything. There is no danger but no views either. After my nightmare on the last visit I’m making sure this time and visit both the similar looking tops.


Return To Wasdale

The last time I descended Lingmell Nose my leg felt like it was dislocated at the hip and was making grinding noises. That was the Wasdale race in 2021 although I did overtake someone walking backwards down the hill who was in worse shape than me. Today I’m probably moving faster and enjoying it much more. The clag starts to disappear and we get to see Wastwater in all of its glory. Before long we are back in the car and ready to drive home. Allegedly Adrian is doing 15 miles tomorrow as part of his marathon training. We both know he will either be doing DIY or having a rest, the extension waits for no man.

Wastwater from Lingmell Nose


New Wainwrights bagged Lingmell, Allen Crags, Seathwaite Fell

Wainwrights left 26

Northern Fells

Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Meal Fell, Great Cockup, Longlands Fell, Binsey

North Western Fells

Castle Crag

Southern Fells

Slight Side, Cold Pike, Harter Fell (Eskdale), Hard Knot, Green Crag, Lingmoor Fell, Black Fell, Holme Fell

Western Fells

Starling Dodd, Great Bourne

Central Fells

Pavey Ark, Loft Crag, Tarn Crag (Easedale), Blea Rigg, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag, Silver How, Loughrigg Fell

Eastern Fells


Far Eastern Fells

Sour Howes

Companions: Adrian

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