Wainwrights The Final Countdown Part 2

Scott had been looking forward to a day on the fells, escaping from Stanley and enjoying somewhere new to run. Adrian was hoping to tick off a few more hills. Neither made it to the start line through illness so I’m on my own. Adrian wanted to do Kentmere so I’m saving that for another day and looking to knock off more tops in the Central fells. Last time I was here in January I was able to complete a nice loop in frozen conditions. As the area is famous for wet and boggy ground today might be interesting. I’m taking my trekking poles to get more experience with them.

Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite from Bleaberry Fell taken in January

Getting underway

Watendlath is in a quiet area just off the B5289. Much nicer than Great Wood car park and not as busy. I’d found it by mistake in January and I’m back. Using my National Trust membership to park for free there are only two other cars and a mini bus in the car park. The trout fishery is closed until further notice but the fells are still there.

Information board at Watendlath

My first peak is familiar, straight up to High Tove. It’s a steady grassy climb where you can’t possibly get lost and I’m at my first repeat Wainwright of the day. I’m heading for Armboth Fell which is lower than High Tove. I’ve visited before but the GPS said I didn’t so I’m back to repeat. It all goes well and I’m happy so far, let’s start bagging some new Wainwrights.

High Tove from Armboth Fell


Ullscarf at 722m is the highest Wainwright of the day and a continuous climb from Armboth Fell. Following a fence line and taking it steady makes an enjoyable route with the occasional view of Blea Tarn or Derwentwater. From the top I can see the familiar sight of High Raise ahead and begin to loop round towards the next peaks.

High Raise from Ullscarf

Sergeant’s Crag and Eagle Crag seem to be strange choices as individual peaks as a continuous ridge with two West facing crags. I’ve heard from my club mate Tommy one of the paths isn’t fun climbing down from Eagle Crag and should be avoided. As this is a last minute route change I’ve got no idea where the path is and hope for the best.

Sergeant’s Crag left and Eagle Crag right from Ullscarf

Sergeant’s Crag

The route from Ullscarf to Sergeants Crag is pretty easy but wet and sticky in places. I’m soon looking for the top and a couple seem the same height so I visit both. The view from the top is towards Glaramara and Langstrath Beck where we crossed the bridge a couple of weeks ago.

Glaramara from Sergeant’s Crag

Eagle Crag

The best view from Eagle Crag is towards Stonethwaite and it is only a short run from Sergeants Crag. 4 new Wainwrights down 2 to go when I get off this hill. Tommy was right it isn’t the best and it takes a while to descend into the valley safely. After the initial crag it is nice grassy downhill running and I’m expecting the worst is over with the two lowest peaks left.

View down into Stonethwaite from Eagle Crag

Great Crag

I didn’t find anything great about Great Crag. At only 457m it ranks 187th in the list of Wainwrights but it must have a good view? Not really, it is pretty unremarkable apart from the sense of relief that I can see the fishing pond at Watendlath and know I’m not getting lost from here. There are a few possible tops again and I carefully visit each one ensuring this isn’t a wasted journey. Grange Fell is directly ahead but according to the map there is no path. I’m sure there will be and run towards my last target.

Watendlath lake from Great Crag

Grange Fell

Grange fell is only 415 metres but I’d rather be looking for something twice as high and a bit more distinctive. The map shows the area to find the fell but no dot with a height or peak to aim for. From my point of view there are several candidates and I try to visit them all. It’s like trying to work out which of the peaks is the highest on an almost cremated lemon meringue pie. I do get to see a herd of deer which is a bonus but my phone needs a telephoto lens to do them justice and I fail.

Grange Fell straight ahead in front of Derwentwater taken from Brund Fell

Back to the car

On my way back to the car I see a duck and drake enjoying foraging in a puddle. Simple pleasures like my run in the hills today. It is all downhill to the now deserted car park for a quick change and a drive home for a lovely dinner of minced beef, yorkshire puddings and vegetables. I’d hit all 5 target Wainwrights and also confirmed a visit to Armboth Fell. Not a bad day out and only 44 to go.

Two ducks enjoying the excess water on the fells


New Wainwrights bagged Ullscarf, Sergeant’s Crag, Eagle Crag, Great Crag, Grange Fell

Wainwrights left 44

Northern Fells

Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Meal Fell, Great Cockup, Longlands Fell, Binsey

North Western Fells

Castle Crag

Southern Fells

Lingmell, Swirl How, Allen Crags, Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Wetherlam, Slight Side, Cold Pike, Harter Fell (Eskdale), Seathwaite Fell, Hard Knot, Green Crag, Lingmoor Fell, Black Fell, Holme Fell

Western Fells

Starling Dodd, Great Bourne

Central Fells

Pavey Ark, Loft Crag, Tarn Crag (Easedale), Blea Rigg, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag, Silver How, Loughrigg Fell

Eastern Fells

High Pike (Scandale), Heron Pike (Rydal), Low Pike, Stone Arthur, Nab Scar

Far Eastern Fells

Stony Cove Pike, Gray Crag, Hartstop Dodd, Sallows, Baystones, Sour Howes, Troutbeck Tongue

Companions none

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