New shoes run

After weeks of wet weather February finally dried out. The day I had been waiting for, a new shoes run! My bright green New Balance Fuel Cell Prism road shoes had been sitting in their box for a month. Snow and ice had covered the ground for a couple of weeks followed by damp conditions while the snow cleared. With shoes that colour you know they won’t stay clean long in damp conditions.

I immediately noticed the extra bounce only new shoes can give. My current road shoe rotation is a mixture of daily workhorse, speed workout and a pair of Newton’s for a more natural running style. The Prism are lightweight and I’m expecting to use them for longer quicker runs. Today though I’m trying them out on a familiar route with various ascents, descents and flat sections to see how they feel.


All of my road shoes are designed for runners who overpronate. When I started running a local sports shop did a gait analysis which recommended this type of shoe. Over the years stability shoes for overpronators have been heavy and unappealing but technological advances have reduced the weight in some models. If you need this type of shoe do your homework before you buy to get the best deals and avoid carrying extra weight on each foot.

New shoes run

On a beautiful day where do you run to? Even on the roads hills are my friend so I’m doing a loop with a bit of climbing and a nice view. Gateshead and Sunderland would be in the picture if I was a better photographer.

On the way home I spot some snow still lingering in the field ditches. Unbelievable after the mild weather we have had this week.

Reaching my front door after the run the new shoes hadn’t caused any problems and still looked clean. Adding them to my rotation as a dry day alternative was a good idea but I’ll never get that first run feel out of them again. Two pairs of fell shoes are waiting in their boxes. It won’t be long until I get that new shoes feeling again.

Do you like running in new shoes? What are your favourite road shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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